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From Higher Invariants

AG Seminar Winter Semester 2021/22

Description: The aim of the Seminar is to present and discuss recent results in research areas from Homotopy Theory and K-theory to Global Analysis.

Time and place: Thursday 12-14, SFB Lecture Hall.

Schedule (Winter Semester 2021/22)

No Date Title / Abstract Speaker
1 21.10.2021 Derived microlocal sheaf theory Adeel Khan (Academia Sinica)
2 28.10.2021
3 4.11.2021 Bounded cohomology and homotopy colimits George Raptis
4 11.11.2021 Filter Quotient ∞-Categories Nima Rasekh (EPFL)
5 18.11.2021 ***** SFB Meeting in Windberg
6 25.11.2021 Quadratic enrichments of enumerative counts using Atiyah-Bott localization Sabrina Pauli (Duisburg-Essen)
7 2.12.2021 The Chow t-structure on the ∞-category of motivic spectra Tom Bachmann (LMU)
8 9.12.2021 G-global homotopy theory and algebraic K-theory Tobias Lenz (Bonn)
9 16.12.2021 ***** 9th Bavarian Geometry & Topology Meeting
10 13.1.2022 cancelled
11 20.1.2022 Topological Fukaya categories of symmetric powers Tobias Dyckerhoff (Hamburg)
12 27.1.2022 Unstraightening for Segal spaces Joost Nuiten (Toulouse)
13 3.2.2022 Polynomial monads, Grothendieck homotopy theory and delooping of spaces of long knots Michael Batanin (Prague)
14 10.2.2022 Homotopy links and stratified homotopy theories Sylvain Douteau (Stockholm)