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From Higher Invariants

AG-Seminar (Jannsen/Kerz)

Date and location

Monday 14-16, BIO 1.1.34 (SFB)


Intersection theory on regular schemes

The numbered talks are from the program the others are about individual reseach topics.

Date Speaker Topic
11.4. Johann Dahlhausen (1) K_0-group of complexes
18.4. Christian Haas (2) Serre's Tor-forumla
25.4. Franziska Wutz Bertini theorems over finite fields
2.5. Uwe Jannsen (3) The Dold-Puppe transformation
9.5. Han-Ung Kufner (4) Adams operation
30.5. Moritz Kerz (5) Adams operation on K_0^Y(X)
6.6. Florian Strunk (6) The coniveau filtration on K_0^Y(X)
13.6. Yigeng Zhao (7) Higher K-theory and the Adams operations
20.6. Veronika Ertl Syntomic cohomology and p-adic motivic cohomology

(joint with Wiesia Niziol)

27.6. TBA TBA
4.7. Morten Lüders (8) Intersection on regular schemes
11.07.. Florian Strunk On A1-connectivity