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From Higher Invariants

Motivic sheaves

The goal of this semester is to continue our study of motives over general bases.

Dates and location

Fridays, 10-12, SFB Seminar Room.


Here you may find the extended program.


  Date Title Speaker
1. 20.10 The motivic space of Algebraic K-theory Christian Dahlhausen
2. 27.10 Bott periodicity and unstable operations on K-theory Helene Sigloch
3. 03.11 Stable operations and the Adams-Riemann-Roch theorem Georgios Raptis
4. 10.11 Modules over the motivic K-theory spectrum Han-Ung Kufner
5. 17.11 Excision and Galois descent with rational coefficient Kevin Francios
6. 24.11 Beilinson motives and proper descent Matan Prasma
7. 01.12 The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem
8. 08.12 The absolute purity theorem I
9. 15.12 The absolute purity theorem II Yigeng Zhao
10. 22.12 The absolute purity theorem III Enlin Yang
11. 12.01 Continuity
12. 19.01 Constructible motives I
13. 26.01 Construcible motives II