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From Higher Invariants

Conference: Analytical problems in conformal geometry and applications

Dates and Location

Aims and Scope

The main subject of the conference is the analysis of conformally invariant partial differential equations such as the Yamabe equation, and related fields in general relativity and geometry, such as Einstein manifolds, positive mass theorem, initial data sets in general relativity or more generally Lorentzian geometry.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Bettiol, Renato G.
  • Carron, Gilles
  • Dahl, Mattias
  • de Lima, Levi Lopes
  • Große, Nadine
  • Gursky, Matthew J.
  • Hebey, Emmanuel
  • Herzlich, Marc
  • Humbert, Emmanuel
  • Kröncke, Klaus
  • Lohkamp, Joachim
  • Mondello, Ilaria
  • Petean, Jimmy
  • Piccione, Paolo
  • Ruiz, Juan Miguel
  • Santoro, Bianca



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Practical Information

  • City of Regensburg: Regensburg is a Unesco World Heritage site that is famous for its well preserved medieval city center and its beautiful Gothic cathedral. Further information can be found here.